See why Transform® WG insecticide gives growers the advantage.

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When aphids invade, fight back to protect your yield.

Transform® WG insecticide features the active ingredient sulfoxaflor and is the only member of a new class of insecticides: Group 4C. Transform is a powerful weapon that offers more benefits and options for soybean growers.

  • Provides excellent control of sap-feeding insects by contact and by ingestion, through translaminar and systemic movement, effectively reaching those out of the direct line of spray.
  • Delivers excellent residual control.
  • Has minimal impact on beneficial insects.
  • Does not flare mites.
  • Effective at low use rates.
  • Tank-mix-compatible with most commonly used crop protection products: nutrients, adjuvants, herbicides and fungicides.

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Label Quick Facts

Active Ingredient: Sulfoxaflor
Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Group number: 4C
Application rate: 0.75 oz. to 1.0 oz./A
Re-entry Interval (REI): 24 hours
Preharvest Interval (PHI): 7 days
Insects controlled: Soybean aphid

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Transform® WG insecticide: proven control of soybean aphids.

Trials conducted in Lisbon, North Dakota, show Transform provides excellent control of soybean aphids — helping protect yield.

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